What’s in a Logo?

There are seven different symbols in this logo. Can you find them?
The three colored symbols represents the divisions (or streams) of the worldwide church.

The top symbol is wine. This wine represents the Sacramental churches where the faith is maintained
through its clergy, rituals and creeds.

The middle symbol is an open Bible. This Bible represents the Evangelical churches where the Bible and the need for a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, is emphasized.

The bottom symbol is a flame. This flame represents the Charismatic churches where the supernatural
gifts of the Holy Spirit are emphasized.

The framework reveals three more symbols; a cup, an altar and a fireplace.

The cup holds the wine so we can receive it
The altar supports the Word so we can rightly discern it
The fireplace holds the flame so we are safely warmed by it

When turned on its side the framework reveals the three
letters…C E C
These stand for the Charismatic Episcopal Church

The word Charismatic means… having the gifts of the Spirit
The word Episcopal means… governed by bishops (not the Episcopal Church USA)
The word Church means… the assembly of believers

The CEC provides a single framework for the wine, the Word and the flame. We are a sacramental, evangelical, charismatic Church where the three streams become one river.

Thanks to Fr. Dave Klampert and Joel Klampert for the logo design and explaination. Please visit their websites for more information: cecworship.com, roodgraphics and St. Michaels’s Church.

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